Proflight offers a turnkey management service that focuses on the individual needs of our clients. This service encompasses the following areas through which we strive to optimize the operation. Learn More
Proflight offers a unique aviation consulting service to companies or individuals wishing to acquire an aircraft. Learn More
In March 2010 Proflight signed a JV with Allegiance Air, enabling us to provide a fully integrated charter service. Learn More
About us
Proflight is an aviation service provider that operates a fleet of executive aircraft for a number of large corporations in South Africa. It brings 35 years of airline operations, corporate flying, maintenance and charter experience to its clients. We focus on attending to the individual needs of our clients providing an independent, turn-key, management and flight operations service.

Proflight also offers an aviation consulting service to companies or individuals wishing to acquire an aircraft. We believe that our expertise can drive down the total acquisition cost, as well as the ongoing operating costs. We are committed to adding value and establishing mutually beneficial long-term relationships.

The benefits of aircraft ownership are not always immediately evident but our clients have proven that aircraft ownership allows companies and individuals the time and freedom to expand and grow their businesses. Companies that wish to remain ahead in the competitive world need to improve on efficiency’s. Aviation ownership empowers companies and individuals and provides a flexibility that optimizes efficiencies.

The vast majority of aircraft are priced in US Dollars and therefore offer South Africans an opportunity to protect themselves against the Rand’s potential devaluation. The Tax allowances are also an attractive tool in reducing a company’s tax burden. The lack of sophisticated infrastructure has adversely impacted on the growth and development of Southern Africa. Aircraft owners enjoy a distinct advantage, by not having to rely on limited schedules from airlines and poor road networks. Safety is also a major consideration as African airlines have an extremely poor safety record.