Proflight offers a turnkey management service that focuses on the individual needs of our clients. This service encompasses the following areas through which we strive to optimize the operation.
* Attend to all C.A.A. documentation.
* Monitor ongoing regulatory changes.
* Ensure currency of all required certifications.
Recruit experienced pilots thereby limiting conversion and ongoing training costs e.g. dangerous goods, crew resource management and emergency procedure training courses. Provide the relevant employment contracts.

Proflight shall ensure that the aircraft are only flown by fully qualified and authorized pilots, who are familiar with the aircraft and its operation and who possess such licenses and ratings as may be required by law.
* Obtain the most competitive industry rates.
* Monitor aircraft values to optimize premiums.
* Process any claims that may arise.
Provides secure hangarage which includes:
* A five star passenger lounge.
* Washing of the aircraft on a regular basis.
* Re-stocking of dry stores.
* Undercover parking for aircraft owners and passengers on a space available
* Monitor and schedule aircraft for maintenance.
* Evaluate all service bulletins, air worthiness directives and maintenance related
* Provide line maintenance.
* Assist with non scheduled maintenance events.
Our exclusive operations department attends to all aircraft scheduling, flight planning, travel arrangements for crew, and catering for aircraft owners
In order to generate revenue, through charter, the aircraft can be placed on Allegiance Air's aircraft operating certificate.
Proflight will manage the entire process and promote the use of the aircraft.
Evaluate all invoices and ratify prior to payment. Provide draft invoices for all revenue generated. Aviation is notorious for inflated invoices, particularly in the field of maintenance with work invoiced not equating to work completed
Proflight is one of the few aviation companies that provides a range of aircraft suitable for the film industry.

For more information on our various aircraft and daily rates please contact us.
Aircraft Management