Purchasing an aircraft, and arriving at the most cost effective solution, requires extensive product knowledge and an understanding of the current aviation market and its trends.

The financial structure is key to any deal and Proflight has access to tried and tested packages.

The following are important factors in assessing the viability of an aircraft:

* Utilization
* Range
* Cabin layout
* Optional equipment
* Avionics
* Crewing
* Maintenance
* Operating costs
* Certification basis
* Pending regulations
* Long-term value & marketability

Proflight has operated a wide variety of corporate aircraft from turbo props to state of the art jets, and is well placed to analyze your needs, acquire and operate your aircraft
Current Inventory
Challanger 300
Year : 2005
Manufacturer : Bombardier
Model : CL300
Price : Asking price $11mil
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Premier 1A
Year : 2009
Manufacturer : Beechcraft
Model : Premier 1A
Price : $2.295mil
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King Air B200
Year : 1989
Manufacturer : Beechcraft
Model : King Air B200
Price : Make offer
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Aircraft sales
Proflight offers a unique aviation consulting service to companies or individuals wishing to acquire an aircraft.

In South Africa, the recognized global aircraft manufacturers are represented by local aviation companies that promote and sell their products. These companies are effectively limited in the inventory they can offer to the prospective buyer, as they are obliged through their contractual arrangement with the manufacturers, to sell either:

* New Aircraft
* Or Pre-Owned aircraft which they hold in stock

Proflight has the advantage of being able to source any aircraft, on the global market, regardless of whether it is new or pre-owned.